Bhutan’s Magnificent Bloom

The enchanting flower with striking blue or purple tinged blossom, blooming splendidly at the high altitudes of 3500 – 4500 meters in Bhutan, commonly known as Blue Poppy, is the National Flower of Bhutan.

One of the rarest plants on earth, this unique flowering plant grows to a height of one meter above the tree line on rocky mountain terrain. It was first discovered by a british botanist George Scherriff in 1933, in a remote part of Sakteng, in eastern Bhutan.

Thought to be Meconopsis Grandis until now, it was recently found to be a new species and was given a distinct bhutanese name inspired by Bhutan’s development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. The national flower of Bhutan was renamed as Meconopsis gakyidiana. “Gakyid” means happiness. While the scientific name has been changed, the common name remains the same as before.

The National Flower of Bhutan
Blue Poppy – Meconopsis Gakyidiana               Image source

Very rare to come across, this fleeting beauty is a magnificent bloom that stands out among other beautiful wild flowers and is currently found only in Merak and Sakteng in Bhutan. The national flower has now been upgraded to a species.

With two more new species of meconopsis discovered along with it, Bhutan is now a home to 15 meconopsis species out of which 3 are endemic to Bhutan.

Our logo is inspired by this significant national flower of Bhutan. The strong characteristics of this delicate flower to bloom beautifully in extreme weather conditions, to be so unique that it is a privilege and worth a look, to stand out and yet co-exist with its surroundings is what inspires us.

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