Safety & Caution

Bhutan enjoys the reputation of being one of the safest travel destination in the world. It is a safe place to travel and furthermore, we are here to take care of you during your stay in Bhutan. Whether you are travelling in a group, as a couple or solo, your safety and comfort is our priority.

Nevertheless, it is always wise and advisable to be cautious and prepared while travelling, like you would be back home or anywhere else in the world.

For your general safety & caution, we request you to be mindful of the following tips.

while planning;
1. Arrange your travel well in advance. Due to the limited airlines and infrastructures in Bhutan, air tickets and hotels can be booked out especially during the popular seasons.

2. We strongly suggest you to plan ample transit time between your connecting flights to and from Bhutan. Owing to its geography, flights and roads in Bhutan are very susceptible to weather conditions. Unexpected delays and road blocks comes about due to poor visibility or land slides & falling boulders.

3. If you plan to enter overland, kindly inform yourself on stability and security issues at the neighbouring border towns in India.

while travelling in Bhutan;

1. Please make sure that your personal belongings (passport, tickets, money, other valuables etc) are properly secured and do not leave such valuables in sight in the car while on tour.
2. Be extra cautious while undertaking adventurous activities and visiting sites that require extra care.
3. Inform yourself on Altitude Sickness and Car Sickness.
4. Be aware of the stray dogs.
5. Be Patient and vigilant incase of delays due to road maintenance works and road blocks caused by land slides and falling boulders.

For a worry free travel and to protect yourself and your trip investments, we strongly suggest you to get travel health insurance with suitable policy/coverage for protection against any unexpected emergencies vis-a-vis medical expenses abroad, emergency helicopter evacuation, repatriation and trip cancellation at the very least.

Essential Information

Tobacco – Selling and buying of tobacco is banned in Bhutan. However, for personal consumption one is allowed to bring in 200 cigarettes on the payment of 200% import duty. Please always keep the receipt with you at all times and kindly be aware that smoking is not permitted in public areas & near temples and monasteries.

Antiques – Import/Export of Antiques are strictly prohibited. Therefore, you are advised to consult your guide while purchasing it, especially, if it does not bear a certified seal (for sale and export) from the Government and if the artefact is of religious and cultural significance. Your guide will assist you in acquiring the clearance certificate from the Government allowing you to take it out of Bhutan.

Photography – While you are welcome to capture all the photographic moments offered by Bhutan, please do bear in mind that, not all premises inside the temples, monasteries, Dzongs and religious institutions are open for Photography/filming. Kindly check with your guide when in doubt and for more precise directions.