In Harmony With Nature

With over 70 percent of the land area under forest cover and more than half of the country designated as protected areas, the entire kingdom is green and blessed with unspoiled natural environment. The pristine himalayan mountains dense with untouched forests is a kingdom in itself, of rich and diverse flora and fauna. Some of the rarest and threatened species in the world thrive in these forests. Bhutan is one of the last biological hotspots in the world and the first and the only Carbon Negative country.

It is thus, the ultimate holiday destination for nature lovers, plant & animal enthusiasts and adventure seekers. If being in touch with nature and doing challenging, educational, and rewarding activities is your ideal getaway, Bhutan is the place for you.

The beautiful forests of the himalayan kingdom with varied geographical and climatic conditions, is a diverse natural habitat of many amazing birds. Over 700 impressive species have been recorded (more yet to be discovered), many of which are extremely rare and endangered. It is a home to more than 16 species of vulnerable birds and is also known for some exotic birds that migrate during winter.

On our one week bird watching tour in Western Bhutan, some of the species that can be seen are Ward’s Trogon, the critically endangered White-bellied Heron, Pallas Fish Eagle, Hoary-throated Barwing, Blood Pheasant, Himalayan Monal, and Yellow-rumped Honey Guide. The rare Black-Necked Crane which migrates from Tibet can be spotted in Phobjikha Valley in winter.

Throw in one more week and enjoy watching the wild birds in central Bhutan. The lush forests of central Bhutan with incredible biodiversity has attracted many birds to make it its habitat. In Zhemgang alone some impressive 328 species of birds has been recorded and wonderful birds such as the critically endangered White-bellied Heron, Beautiful Nuthatch, Fire-tailed Myzornis, Chestnut-breasted Pratridge, Rufous-necked Hornbill, and Great Hornbill are spotted here.

The remote and the least explored kingdom is a photogenic travel destination that offers a plethora of great photography opportunities and natural subjects.

From the breathtaking evergreen himalayan mountain ranges, which is a natural habitat to many unique species of flora and fauna, to mountain lakes, meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls and villages shrouded by mountains, the beauty of nature in Bhutan is worth every click.

And then, there are ancient fortresses and monasteries perched on a rugged terrain or on most strategic locations. These awe-inspiring giant structures are architectural treasures which compliments the already picturesque landscape and every aspect of it is a picture delight.

tending to her chilliesThe country’s colourful cultural heritage with traditionally dressed locals, remote villages and unique scenes of every day life in bhutan (and the list goes on) makes the best photography subjects for many spectacular pictures that it wont be easy to put your gadgets away.

There is a treat for all kinds of photography enthusiasts. Capture the fleeting moments and express your best shangrila memories through spectacular pictures.

The cities, towns and villages in Bhutan are scattered across the himalaya each shrouded by the ever green mountains, and it only makes sense that some of the best hiking opportunities can be found here.

Hiking is a part of daily life in Bhutan, it is very common for locals to hike up the mountain to visit a monastery or a scared mountain lake or to visit relatives and families living in far flung villages. In some remote parts of Bhutan, people still walk days on foot to reach the nearest urban settlement.

Be it a leisure walk, a day hike or arduous multi-day trek, Bhutan’s got ample trails and abundant greenery for those who love forest, its beauty and tranquility.

Trekkers can choose from easy, moderate to gruelling hiking adventure that takes you on the ancient trails trodden on by our ancestors, some of which are still used by the locals to commute between isolated settlements. Trekkers in Bhutan experience both culture and landscape simultaneously as the route leads through villages untouched by modernization and offers spectacular views of mountains and highest peaks, not to mention the thrill of spotting some beautiful rare species of plants and animals along the way.

The glacier fed mountain rivers, our “white gold” are ideal for rafting and kayaking adventures. Six major rivers of Bhutan have been scouted for these water sports which makes its way through the wilderness showcasing some of the most scenic views and forested areas of Bhutan. The rivers range from gentle & smooth flowing to rough & extremely challenging suitable for white water rafting.

The best part is, you don’t have to be experienced to paddle in Bhutan. There is something for every one, from amateurs wanting a taste of river trip to expert rafters looking for adventure with challenging non-stop bumpy splashing rapids.

Exploring a country through its river, embracing its nature’s creations more intimately paired with exhilaration and adventure as one navigate down the river, the thrill is quite an unforgettable experience.

You have the option to make more memories and add a river rafting excursion on your holiday in Bhutan. Whether you are beginner or pro, looking for adventure or something more relaxing, the rivers of Bhutan has it all.

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Come and experience living and progressing in harmony with nature in Bhutan.