Our Services

We offer Guided Tours to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

All-inclusive packaged trips with a private guided tour as per itinerary of your choice for the entire duration of your stay in Bhutan.

We provide personalised service in which our ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGED TRIPS are designed from the ground up keeping you, your comfort and your interest in mind. Unlike the regular standard all-inclusive packages, here you have the option and flexibility to create your style of trip that perfectly suits your needs (active or leisure holiday trips, business trips or study trips to any kind of trips to Bhutan)

It includes All Necessary Arrangements and Logistics required for your trip to Bhutan. Starting from assistance in planning to getting a visa or booking a flight to organising your transport, accommodation and meals, we take care of all the details of your trip for you.

All you need to do is to free your mind & feel the calm of the himalayan Kingdom.

The package also includes an Itinerary of Your Choice filled with daily activities (things to see & do) for the entire duration of your stay in Bhutan. Depending on your style of trip, our team of local enthusiasts with all the insider infos will assist and guide you in tweaking an itinerary that not only includes the must sees but also introduces you to traditional bhutanese life.

Even with an itinerary in place, we allow flexibility for spontaneous moments and interests on the ground.

With a Local Guide (included in the package) by your side, you will not only be ushered to the places of interest as per your itinerary but also be filled in with local legends & stories of those places and show you places only locals know about. Born and grown up in Bhutan, your guide knows the places inside out and is equipped with wealth of local knowledge to introduce you to the local life and to address all your queries.

There can’t be a better way to learn about a country than through the locals living there.

We offer something for just everyone.