Themes & Occasions

Bhutan – A great place for family vacation

For the families that are looking for something new & exotic, a unique and enriching experience, want to learn about new cultures, meet locals and make friends, be immersed in the landscapes and every day traditional bhutanese lifestyle, our team can design a trip with family in mind or you can put together a dream family vacation in Bhutan with our assistance.

A relaxing and a comfortable family trip can be arranged with the flexibility to enjoy your family holiday at your own pace and relish every precious moment of togetherness with the family.

A family holiday in the himalayan kingdom is unlike anywhere in the world. Its about doing the little things that brings joy and make everlasting memories. It doesn’t offer amusement parks or the likes of it, but it does surely offer plenty of exciting & meaningful activities for families to do together.

Just experiencing the uniqueness of the local life in bhutan is as much fun for the kids as for adults.

Honeymoon in Kingdom of Bhutan
If you are looking for a peaceful, serene and a novel destination to begin your new life together, Bhutan just might be THE place for a remote and romantic honeymoon.

Pair off your once in a lifetime affair with a once in a life time trip to the mystical kingdom in the himalayas. It offers a quiet escape and still allows you to experience the exotic feel, unspoiled culture and tradition, the untouched nature’s beauty, and many other options to make your celebration exciting and memorable.

Let us know your idea of a dream honeymoon and we can arrange a private Mr. & Mrs. epic getaway allowing you all the time to enjoy each other.

Bhutan is a fairy tale land they say, come and experience the romantic side of it with us.

Thematic travel in Bhutan
For those who enjoy travelling in pursuit of passion or interest, the tiny country, also provides assortment of themes to choose from. You can delve deeper into the themes such as history, culture, architecture, nature, buddhism, textiles, cooking, indigenous people etc to name a few.

If you have a theme in mind, we are ready to discuss all the options with you and put together an itinerary that perfectly match your purpose of travel.

Come and experience your passion in Bhutan.

Gift yourself or your loved ones a trip to this exotic country to mark special personal anniversaries and events. Bhutan is also great option for companies looking for unique ideas to organise business events/retreats. Be it thematic travel or business or any other purpose of travel, we are here to tailor a trip just for you. Get in touch with us and lets put together an unforgettable trip.